Maybe you ask yourself: ‘Hiking with kids … it going to be safe??’ Yes, it is!!! Most likely, you won’t be able to do a 5-hour tour or walk along endless trails ….., but there are a number of theme trails and special destinations in the region around Spinges, which will be fun for your kids!

Our hiking tips:
  • How did people live in the past? Visit the historic "Gasser Mill" in Spinges and find out! Since time immemorial, the stream of Spinges, fed by the pastures of Spinges, has been the lifeline of the village of Spinges near Mühlbach. Until 1858, 16 mills and three broad saws were operated with the life-sustaining power of the water. But during a period of drought the important small stream dried up.

    Need and hunger grew in the village. Therefore, electric house mills were purchased in 1945 to supply the villagers with flour for their bread. The activities at the stream were abandoned over the years. It was not until the 1990s that the mills returned to the villagers' consciousness. The "Gasser Mill" was restored in 1998 and is now the only fully functioning historical mill in Spinges. Visitors can experience how flour was ground and bread baked in the past. Only with the help of the mighty power of water.

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  • Milk trail to the Fane Alm (alpine summer pasture): It takes approximately 1 hour to walk this route. It has a number of information panels and leads you right to the idyllic Alpine meadows with a hut. You can even do this with a buggy!
  • Family paradise Rodeneck Alm (alpine summer pasture). Easy hiking trip to a large Alpine meadow. From there, you can overlook the Bressanone/Brixen basin and the Eisack Valley. Great views of the Dolomites, the Sas de Pütia/ Peitlerkofel, the Odle/Geisler Group and Funes/Villnöß! You can bring your buggy!
  • Hiking trip, passing earth pyramids on the way to the Mühlen Valley of Terento/Terenten. The route starts at the village centre and leads you along the Tern stream to the earth pyramids and several water-operated corn mills (some of them are 500 years old). During the summer, one of the mills is in operation, but only on Mondays!
  • The Alpine Kneipp Trail in the Altafossa/Altfass Valley invites you to water games and a walk in the water basin.
  • Climbing garden..... Great for kids!... Or alternatively, some hiking trips around Lake Varna or the lakes of the Upper Puster Valley!
  • The circular path around the village: discover Spinga!
  • Stoanamandl & Baita Anratter hike: from Spinga you pass the “croce del temporale”, a cross erected to protect farmers from bad weather, and then our mountain hut before reaching the “Stoanmandl”. The return route goes past Baita Anratter which leads to the centre of the village.
  • WoodyWalk is a short, easy, fun adventure playground on the Plose for children. It features the Ploseblitz giant slide, the “laghetto delle campane”, the aerial walk, the secret phone, the throne of Putia – a tree for climbing, the water mill, the barefoot path, the Viking ship and much more besides.