Welcome to our hotel! We are pleased to meet you and hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday. The personal care of our guests is one of the most important aspects in this hotel!

Maria welcomes our guests in the reception area. She is the soul of all that goes on in our hotel. Mostly, she takes care of our guests and staff, as well as the kitchen area. Her husband and son of the house is called Hannes and he is responsible for the ‘Bar & Service’ and also oversees the agricultural part of our enterprise. The couple has four children: Annalena, Franz Josef, Manuela and Alexander.

Granny Emma and Grandpa Hans are also part of the greater family. Granny looks after the general store and tourist shop, while Grandpa works on the farm. In addition, they both look after their much-loved grandchildren.
We are pleased to welcome you to Hotel Senoner in the near future!

Yours faithfully Senoner family