A massage gives you strength and lifts you up. Relax, while Vera works on your muscles. Mondays to Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. If you like, you can already make an appointment at the same time you book your room …..or simply surprise someone with a voucher!

Waterbed massage20 mins. – 15,00 €
Enjoy a massage on the waterbed – even clothed! With our “Wellsystem”, you can have a partial or complete body massage, exploiting the targeted force of the warm water. Colours, sounds and fragrances will help you to relax.

Classic full body massage25 mins. – 35,00 €
50 mins. – 60,00 €
A full body massage is helpful if your entire body is under tension or if you have blood pressure problems. Circulation is increased and the vascular system and inner organs are strengthened. Your body experiences deep relaxation and the nervous system is calmed.

Back massage25 mins. – 35,00 
Muscles are loosened and receive a better blood supply, which gives you a sensation of well-being. A back massage works against tension relating to stress and nervousness. In addition, it gives you release in times of stress and is also known to help in the case of poor posture (e.g. working on the computer). It releases tension and relaxes body and soul.

Reflexology massage25 mins. – 35,00 
Our feet reflect our entire body. Organs and their functions can be stimulated. Your entire body is stimulated and circulation increased.

Face – bust – head massage25 mins. – 35,00 
During a face – bust – head massage, certain points of your nervous system on the head are stimulated, which releases tensions in the head and neck area

Lymph drainage25 mins. – 35,00 
Lymph drainage ensures that surplus fluid in your tissue, as well as toxicities are washed out of your body. The collected body waters are removed resulting in reduction of swellings and oedema. Lymph drainage is mostly used in the case of lymph oedema, swellings, illnesses of the nervous system, rheumatism or migraines.

Sports massage50 mins. – 60,00 
A sports massage serves to regenerate muscles and joints after physical exercise, as well as for the improve your general well-being.

Relaxation massage25 mins. – 35,00 
Light strokes harmonise your entire body and release tension.