Massages give your body wings. Relax with soothing touches from our masseuse daily on request. Take an appointment when booking your room, or surprise someone with a voucher!

Singing bowl massage (also suitable for children)

30 minutes - 30,00 €      50 minutes - 50,00 €

A singing bowl massage provides deep relaxation. It creates a feeling of well-being, reduces stress, releases tension and blockages. It strengthens the self-healing powers of the body and stimulates creativity and creative power. After a massage with singing bowls, inner harmony is restored.

Waterbed massage "HydroJet"
20 mins. – 15,00 €
Enjoy a massage on the waterbed – fully clothed! With our “Wellsystem”, you can have a partial or complete body massage, exploiting the targeted force of the warm water. Colours, sounds and fragrances provide individual relaxation.

Full body massage with aroma oil

55 mins. – 65,00 €
The full body massage helps especially in case of tense conditions of the musculoskeletal system or circulatory system. Blood circulation is increased and strengthening of the vascular system and internal organs is achieved. The body experiences deep relaxation and the nervous system is calmed.

Partial body massage (neck, back, arms and legs) 30 mins. – 40,00 €
Muscles are loosened and receive a better blood supply, which gives you a pleasant feeling. This massage works against tension relating to stress and nervousness. In addition, it gives you release in times of stress and is also known to help in the case of poor posture (e.g. working on the computer). It releases tension and relaxes body and mind.

Foot reflexology massage 55 mins. – 65,00 €
Our feet reflect our entire body. Organs and their functions can be stimulated. Your entire body is stimulated and circulation increased. You feel relaxed and light afterwards.

Face head and neck massage 30 mins. – 40,00 €
During a face – head – neck massage, certain points of your nervous system on the head are stimulated, which releases tensions.

Lymph drainage 30 mins. – 45,00 €
55 mins. -- 70,00 €
Lymph drainage causes excess tissue fluid and toxins to be removed by stimulating the lymphatic vessels. The accumulated body water is removed and swellings and edemas subside. 
It is used therapeutically primarily for lymphedema, swelling, nervous disorders, rheumatism or migraine.

Sports massage 55 mins. – 65,00 €
A sports massage is used to regenerate muscles and joints after physical activity and to improve general well-being.

Relaxation head massage 30 mins. – 40,00 €
Light dreamlike touches that harmonize the whole body and relieve stress.